Go Blog Social Workshop

Yesterday was one of the most inspiring and motivating days I’ve had in a really really long time. I attended and presented at the Go Blog Social Workshop here in Kansas City in the River Market Event Space.

go-blog-social-workshop-1go-blog-social-workshop-2I was so nervous. I’ve never been to a blogging conference or workshop before. And, I’m not really sure why not. So to get a little bit more personal, my little business is a one-man-show. Just me. I love my very best friends to death and they have so many great and inspiring talents but none of them have ever had a desire to partner with me. I would kill for someone that thinks like a blogger, styles like a blogger and has fun creative crazy inspiring ideas like bloggers do. I would LOVE to have a partner in crime to bounce ideas off of or someone to work side-by-side with that has my similar skill set. All the women at the workshop were inspiring! Some work a long side their best friend turn business partner. Some are on their own figuring it out. Some have some insanely creative brains that I want to pick so badly.

For instance, Jenny from a Touch of Ambition. She happen to be presenting the same time I was so I didn’t get to hear everything she had to present but just talking to her and hearing her use lingo and ideas that go in and out of my head on a daily basis was amazing!

go-blog-social-workshop-3I had this wonderful moment realizing I’m not a complete crazy person! Pictured above is the ADORABLE Caitlin of sophisticaited.com. I cannot tell you how often my friends poke fun of me styling photos or chasing natural light to setup for the perfect Instagram photo and here she is doing the very same thing. I fell in love with all these women and felt like I’m not alone in my adventure.

go-blog-social-workshop-4Another session I sat in on was Emily of The Object Enthusiast. Her beautiful pottery work is displayed above. She spoke about some tips on creating a fabulous Instagram photo. So of course, I soaked it all up and scribbled down notes like crazy. Loved her authenticity.

go-blog-social-workshop-5Some other amazing ladies I met yesterday were:

Ellie – The Not Quite Adult
Jaque and Courtney – 5 O’clock Fashionistas
Shae Sayers – Shae Lennon
Mika  – Mika Mcginnis (shout out to a fellow Chi O!)
Megan – Crazy Bananas
Tobe Reed – Because It’s Awesome

I struck a deal with the lovely Mary Verett yesterday and got a couple head shots taken. Finally, right? It’s been so needed and I can’t wait to see her amazing work.

20-something-gbs-workshopAllie and Heather – 20 Something Shop
(The calligraphy skills these girls have are madly insane – I’m so obsessed!)


Valentine’s for Him and Her



“I want to have text with you” Card – 20 Something Shop


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