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Hello Kory Woodard!Last week I put out a challenge for bloggers to email me. I tweeted, blogged, put it on Instagram and I got a great response. I’ve got some great bloggers in the queue. First up is Kory!

Kory is a very talented designer who I have enjoyed following for a couple years now.  Check out her gorgeous work and I hope you enjoy getting to know here a little better.

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Jamaican Life

Jamaica Life American Expat in Jamaica jamaica2 jamaica6 jamaica7 jamaica8

People keep saying, “more pictures, please!”. Here are some snapshots from this past weekend. One of my favorite things about where I’m working and what I’m doing is they believe firmly in the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

I still have some face/palm moments where I do something that screams “AMERICAN!” but I’m getting better. Some simple observations/updates:

Driving on the other side of the road has become easier with practice.

I love my work and what I’m doing for Margaritaville.

I’ve made one friend outside of work! He lives below me. He is a white Jamaican and been SUPER helpful. He helped me get a gym membership to the all-inclusive resort across the street. I can now just walk over there in the mornings to workout.

The coffee here is to-die-for good.

I’m not sure I’ve ever spent this much time alone in my entire life. I think it’s good for me but I sure do miss my family and friends back home. FaceTime is a lifesaver.

I came home the other night to two cockroaches in my pantry. Tonight I went to Mega Mart and got some roach hotels. Hoping that does the trick. I’m not afraid of bugs, but no one wants to live with cockroaches!

I think that’s all for now! xoxo


I want to feature YOU!

hello beautiful // ashley ella design wants to feature you!!A while back I started a little fun series called “In Her Blogger Shoes”. The whole idea was that I would connect with another blogger and feature them on my own blog. After a short little email interview, I’d put together a little graphic that would feature them, a pair of shoes that best fits who they are and an image or two of their work space.

I really love this idea. Spreading the blogger love, you know? It lets you meet new bloggers, it gives me a chance to connect with a blogger, and it gives a blogger a little feature – and we all love to be featured, right?

I think I’ll start that little trend back up again. But, instead of me emailing and asking “do you want to be featured?” – consider this your email. I want to feature YOU! Don’t worry, it’ll be super fun. This time around we are going to call it… Hello Beautiful. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to your email right now, and begin composing a new message.

To: theblogsalon@gmail.com
Subject line: Hello Beautiful

Copy and paste this list of questions in the email and write in your answers.

City/Current Location:
Name of Blog:

  1. What is your caffeine drink of choice?
  2. Who is your style icon?
  3. What is a currently your favorite song on a playlist of yours?
  4. What is your current favorite trend (home, fashion, workout, etc.)?
  5. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Also include:

  1. A cute photo of yourself.
  2. A couple snap shots of your desk or working area (it’s okay if this is your couch, no judgement here!).
  3. A link to a pair of shoes that best fit you and your personality.

Then hit SEND! That’s it. I’m going to go through the different submissions and start creating some killer feature designs.

A couple notes:

You’re more likely to get featured the better your images are. Just being honest. I love a really quality images on my blog!

If you’d like to include your own affiliate links to answers to your questions above, that would be super cool with me.

Lastly, be patient with me. I work on this little project after I’m done working all day so your feature may not end up on the blog tomorrow.

Now, go start that email!

In Pursuit of

Ways To Live A Better LifeI pinned this image back on Pinterest not too long ago. I love the message here. To say I’ve made some insane life changes lately would be an understatement. I picked up my life and moved to another country where I know no one. However, I have to admit, this big life change has done me good. I have been forced to START all of these things on this list.

I live alone and know about a handful of people. To say I spend a lot of time with just me and my thoughts is spot on. Before I left the States I was running here and there and meeting the next person and trying to squeeze so much into so little time. The only time I was truly alone was when I was asleep. Learning to enjoy alone time as an extrovert is hard.

The first week I was here I didn’t have WIFI and don’t get me started on how AT&T has royally screwed me over while I’ve been down here. No data on my phone. No cable. No internet and a barely working AC unit. Once again, I was forced to learn to turn it off. Every morning I workout and enjoy the views. I love being outside here and I can’t get enough of the beach.

Need to work on this one is so many ways. Positive body image thinking especially. The good part about this is, I’ve probably lost 5lbs since I’ve been here. All the food is fresh. No preservatives in anything. I’m a social eater and since I have like 3 friends down here I don’t really socially eat. This cuts WAY back on all the bad stuff I usually eat. My mouth has become less of a garbage disposal.

Who knew I was a strong enough person to move to another country and survive, meet new people, take on a new job and explore new places. I prove myself wrong more often than not which helps me start believing in myself a little bit more each day.

I’m grateful I have this blog to express my creativity and everything about this trip has helped me to start acknowledging my own hopes and dreams and making my own happiness.

Sometimes you just have to start.