Inspired By This | Interior Edition

It’s been a weird three months around here, huh? Scratch that. It’s been a weird 12 months really. For any long time followers I’m sure you’ve put pieces of the puzzle together that my life has taken on some pretty big changes. Some amazing happy changes and some sad and unexpected changes. I don’t care to go into to much detail about my personal life AND I’m a big believer of concentrating on the good.

Let’s recap real on some of the good quick.

April 2015 – resign from my safe, not very well paying, teaching job.

May 2015 – randomly submit resume to Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Caribbean and get the job as a graphic designer.

June 2015 – relocate my life to Montego Bay, Jamaica with 90 day consulting contract.

Here I sit in Jamaica, pecking out this little blog post and less than 2 weeks until I return home. My time in Jamaica has been wonderful. I have many blog posts ahead about my experience. (Ok, maybe not “many” – more like two.) However, Jamaica is not my home. Kansas City is my home. I love traveling but I also love returning home to where my family and friends are. It makes me so grateful for where I come from.

This blog has taken on a lot of different forms but it’s going to be a little more personal and more “me” as I move forward. Less business. More personal. Hope you stick around to see what that looks like.

One thing I love doing for myself is designing a living space that’s both practical and pretty. And… good news folks, I have a new crib! Right in the heart of downtown KC. I move in just a week after I get back. It’s got great bones and I’m so excited to start plotting and planning how it’s going to look. This will also serve as my office space. Needless to say, I’ll be spending a lot of time in the new space. I want it to be nothing shy of amazing. I land a new place and what do I do? Start searching for ideas and inspiration! Here’s what I’ve found:

Inspired by This | M Loves M featured on The Glitter Guide | via Ashley Ella DesignLove this look by M loves M and her feature on The Glitter Guide. One reason I love this look so much are those dark wide plank wood floors. *emoji heart eyes* My new place has extremely similar floors. I was so inspired by this I recently bought an extremely similar rug at

Inspired by This | Ghost chairs with dark cabinets | via Ashley Ella DesignThe new digs has dark cabinets and light counter tops, just like the image above I found on Obvi, I need those stools, right? I found them on Amazon here. You think I should go for it? I have a ghost chair that sits at my workspace desk – is it possible to have too much ghost furniture in one space?

Inspired by this space | teal over dyed rug, IKEA sectional, fun throw pillows | via Ashley Ella DesignHere’s some of my items all pulled together. What do you think? I’m such a visual person. I have to pull things all together in one place. I have to say, that I’m really digging this look and I’m excited to see how it’s all going to turn out. I envision blog posts galore on anything from furnishing the place to organizing the spaces.

Sources to the items above

Striped Pillow
$5 at IKEA + the insert
(That’s what I call a steal!)

Floral Pillow
Society Social
(Not the cheapest, google Designers Guild Orangerie, – see what you can find.)

Blue Pattern Pillow
Joss and Main
(On sale right now! Set of 2 for less than $40.)

Metal Box
(On sale for $7 – steal!)

Plant   |   Couch   |   Poof   |   Stools   |    Basket

While we are on the topic of being inspired by home and living spaces, there are some people on Instagram that I follow that are just too Insta-good not to share with you all.


2015-08-19 17.05.43

Hello beautiful bedroom. Tell me you don’t want to jump into that bed. This is the perfect mix of color and pattern. Love love love.


2015-08-19 17.06.40This was one of those find and follows that happens when you get sucked into an Instagram hole. You know what I’m talking about. When you’re laying in bed or on the couch and you look up and realize you just spent 25 minutes tapping your phone from one Instagram page to another. Happens to me on the reg. And what a great find this has been. Great home decor inspiration!


2015-08-19 17.07.11 Can I get an amen? Look at that space! Love the window treatments, the pop of floral and the clean white look. It was one of those posts that stopped me in my tracks and led me to then stalk every other photo on her feed. Love!


2015-08-19 17.07.40I think one of my favorite parts about this space is that Jenna is not an interior designer. She’s a photographer but it’s obvious that her creativity spills over in to multiple aspects of her life – like me! I’m not an interior designer but I sure love the putting together my living space.

I think what I take away most from Jenna’s space, is that it doesn’t have to be overly girly (no florals here!) to look amazing.

Do you follow people on Instagram that inspire your space? I want to know! Tell me! Who?

Monday Motivation

Everything you go through, grows you.I think motivation comes in a variety of different forms. I love a good quote, personally. I thought I’d share one of my favorite that I have to remind myself of often. Who knows where you are at in life, but just know  – “Everything you go through, grows you.”

Happy Monday friends!

A New Love

11817230_10206074601202538_1224495955951254318_nI have a new love – her name is Stella and Dot. No, I’m not a stylist. I just recently fell in love with all their products after a friend posted the photo above on social media and I just had to have it!

Turn’s out that’s not just a KC necklace – that’s a anything-you-want-it-to-be necklace. See this link for details. Oh, and how could I forget… that striped clutch. STRIPES! You know I love me some good ol’ fashion black and white stripes.

A few more favorites…


Stripes | Tropical Leaves

I’m mean… come on. These are beauties. And the best part about BOTH of them – they go with everything. I consider stripes and banana leaves neutrals – kind of like leopard print.


Turquoise Triangles | Gold Studs | Rose Gold Two-in-One


Rebel Ring | Split Ring | Stacked Ring

Hope I introduced you to a new love as well. Enjoy yourself some Stella and Dot! XOXO

10 (MORE) Free Stock Photos

Not too long ago I shared 10 free stock images with the blogging world (aka you guys). The post was wildly popular and I received comment after comment of “thank you’s” and “I love this!”. All I asked for in return was credit. Now, I’m sure there are images out there that did not receive the proper credit. However, I’ve had so much fun being tagged in so many different blog and Instagram posts. People have been so creative with how they’ve used the photos.

We all know the importance of quality images. So much so, that I’m sure you guys have seen all the different websites and Etsy shops pop up of brilliant photographers and their styled stock imagery. There are some really really talented creatives out there. Now, I don’t consider myself on their level BUT… I do think some stock images are REALLY expensive. Like REEEEALLY expensive… for a photo. As long as you share the love and give credit – these images are all yours!

Stock Image / AED
Gold Pineapple Stock Image
FREE Stock Images by Ashley Ella DesignSTOCK IMAGE 4


Peonies - Stock Photo by Ashley Ella DesignSTOCK IMAGE 5
Stock Photos by Ashley Ella DesignSTOCK IMAGE 6
Free Stock Images for Bloggers - by Ashley Ella DesignSTOCK IMAGE 7


Free Stock PhotosSTOCK IMAGE 9
Stock Images - via AEDSTOCK IMAGE 10